Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What Happens When Someone Dies

My mother died this month. It was expected and I am glad she is no longer in any pain.

But what happens when a person dies with no will and no life insurance? I urge everyone here to put their wishes in writing. Even a dated signed letter would have helped. But there is nothing for us that stated her wishes definitively.

It is the responsibility and privilege of the children to make the final arrangements. That includes contacting a funeral home, arranging the service, paying for it. In the state of Michigan, if there is no will or arrangements, a majority of the children must sign so that the services and arrangements can go forward.

Unfortunately, my mother's children do not all agree on what should be done. This may lead to a legal intervention since we cannot leave her body in the morgue. We are doing what we can to move forward on this. Today was supposed to be her memorial service. now it has been delayed.

i am on a fixed income with no savings. the funeral chapel was very understanding and gave us a very good rate for a cremation and a small memorial service.But, it must be paid up front in advance.

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