Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Leaving No Trace

There is a lot of news coverage over the closing of the protest camps. Let's remember that along with natives there were many non native protesters also.

As a responsible vandweller who has also winter camped, I've a few observations based on my own personal experience.

They were in dangerous cold winter conditions. Not everyone was experienced in dangerous cold. Not everyone was used to environmentally friendly leave no trace.

Leaving any animal behind was unconscionable.

I've cleaned up forest sites after regular "experienced" campers. They leave more than they think they do.

Before we blame the people at standing rock, let's remember the flood of non native non experienced in extreme weather conditions.

And let's remember this is about safe clean water. Something that benefits all.

We've turned into a consumerism throwaway society that no longer knows how to treat mother earth with respect. The things we do today will affect generations.

When you leave an area, go over it before you pull out.

Did you rake over your campfire area removing all burned trash.

Did you leave bits of plastic or paper behind.

Did you pick up all cans, bits of metal (bottle caps, ring pull tabs)

I carry a folding rake with me and kitchen sized trash bags. I have a couple of empty cat litter containers that I use as closed trash cans.

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