Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Want Solar In Your RV?

Like any other person who owns a travel trailer or an RV, the subject of Solar Power comes up frequently and I try to make sense of it.

I have finally found someone who not only understands it, but will make the shopping list and install it all on my trailer customised to my needs and want.

Do you want to run all sorts of appliances and the comforts of home? He can do that. Or are you a minimalist like me who just needs to charge a few devices and maybe run a light an hour or two. Maybe you winter camp in the north and have higher power needs, or you just want to be comfortable and not tethered to the RV parks. He is able to assess your needs and tailor a solar package that is just right for you and your lifestyle.

Steve Spence of has ebooks for sale on almost anything you may need for off the grid comfort. He can also purchase and install a complete working solar system that is easily maintained even by someone like me. I am not a major power guru and sometimes my understanding of electricity is not the greatest.

A solar install is a two day process. The price of an install also includes a hook up for the two days. Power, water, sewage, so that you don't need to drop your rig off, you can be in comfort in your own RV or trailer while the install is being done by a professional.

You may contact Steve directly at or email him at

He's a heck of a nice guy and I often compare him to Nicola Tesla. He's that smart.