Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (it's not a freight train)

I've been staying with a friend, helping him care for an older lady with severe dementia. That means I do dishes, cooking, laundry, and in general some housework chores. This helps her to remain in her own home with no expense to her or to the community.

We settled on 2 hours a day in exchange for a place to stay in the winter.

Recently, we have had a lot of harassment from city hall and law enforcement. It seems that someone feels that the house and property should look perfect in spite of the reduced circumstances the owner has due to her ill health.

My Vintage Travel Trailer in the driveway
My van has gotten ticketed.

My travel trailer, which is innocently parked in the driveway, has received unwanted attention. Some people do not see the charm of a restored vintage collectible travel trailer. I have a 1970 Amerigo trailer that is 18" long. It is in very nice condition and has almost all the original interior items, including a Humphrey's propane lamp. The Amerigo was known for it's rare hard sided fold out beds, a forerunner of all the slide outs now popular.

We've also had several visits from animal control. I can understand people thinking a chihuahua is a dangerous guard dog- not really.
Bear is a two pound chihuahua/yorkie

Mona is an older chihuahua. She is six pounds.
So, I am about to embark again on my preferred lifestyle. I prefer to travel, camp in my travel trailer, and enjoy nature. I write and I sell things on eBay. but mainly, I enjoy a low stress lifestyle that seems to benefit my MS.

I am in Michigan, so my plans are weather dependant. I am now getting so excited to be traveling again. I have some places that I am thinking of traveling to see, some online friends I am hoping to get to sit down and enjoy a pot of coffee with them, and just life in general that I want to live.

So, there will be more frequent blog posts, many  more photos, and life in general to write about.

Soon, so soon, I will be traveling again.