Sunday, November 18, 2018

Good Coffee To You

It's 36 degrees in southern New Mexico this morning.

Coffee is made and in hand. I love Taster's Choice instant coffee with turbinado sugar and Half and Half creamer.

The pups have pottied. It's too cold to sit outside on the porch steps. They are eating their breakfast in bed (off the cold floor). As usual, teddy wants to eat food from one of the other's dishes.

Today TEDDY will probably be rehomed with a very nice person. That'll leave Kira and Shorty with me. Shorty's original owner contacted me. Shorty was given to me by someone who had no right to give him away, a member of the family. 
So the plan is to reunite shorty with his family as soon as they've moved out from the uncle's house. I'll miss him but it's what is right for shorty. They've never stopped loving him and missing him.

I'm getting my new to me van, a 1973 Chevy hightop camper, ready to go on a trip. I'm thinking that I'll do a couple of near to the trailer overnights while i wait for the 1990 Chevy g20 mark 3 to sell.

It feels funny to have so much time to get a van just right. Usually I've got an hour to change stuff over from van to van, drive off and find a park or place to arrange it. 

It's nice to do it slowly, but there's also something to be said for the shove it all in and rearrange down the road method.

Now to enjoy my coffee.

See you down the road

Lou and the #2pupcrew

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