Monday, June 23, 2014

Rain, Rain, And More Rain

I sit in my trailer in yet another day of pouring rains. This is a good time to do some work in the trailer and van.

I started at the front of the trailer and I am working my way to the back. I left out of my last parking spot very quickly and I didn't have time to stow things the way I normally do. I also need to do some spring cleaning after being in the trailer all winter.

Mona and Bear are in their preferred serious napping positions and places, curled up on the front seat of the trailer snuggled in the sleeping bags.

I have cleaned off the stove top and cleaned out the oven. I am planned on testing and lighting the propane so that I would have a working inside stove for the first time since I purchased the trailer. The refrigerator that was originally in the trailer stopped working (as many propane/electric ones do after time), and it was replaced with a small dorm sized electric fridge. I was concerned that the propane line was capped off correctly. After a conversation with the older gentleman who owned the trailer (just previous to the person I bought it from), I am now comfortable that it was correctly capped off.

As usual, life tends to throw me some curve balls and often plans are a good idea, but the time frame just doesn't seem to go the way I plan it. However, I am making progress toward getting all systems working on the trailer.

Propane lines are a very serious issue in trailers and a propane leak can explode the entire unit if not correctly dealt with. Propane is heavier than air, so any time you have a suspected propane leak, shut off all propane, open doors and windows, and air the vehicle out for about two hours.

I wintered in this trailer, and as harsh as the winter was, I was unwilling to risk a propane leak. Before I turn on the propane and light the pilot lights on the stove, I will go through and check every propane appliance and make sure all units have the propane turned off to them. Later today or tomorrow, I anticipate having the stove and oven lit for the first time since I have owned the trailer.

i am "work camping" in a sense. I did 4 hours labor today to pay for my spot of parking with electric hookup. i cleaned house and took out 6 bags of trash, did kitchen and dishes in spite of the person's sink not draining at all and no running hot water. So.... I heated up big pots of boiling hot water, poured them in very big bowls with dish soap and started washing dishes. a large soup pot was the rinsing sink. All dishes rinsed and put in the pretty clean kitchen. The floor still needs mopped, the counters need another wipe down, but it is so much better than when I walked into it.

Now to heat up a couple of pots of hot water, enjoy a good shower and wash my hair. Add some clean clothes and I will be ready to relax, make a sandwich, and watch some Netflix.

I have just set up an appointment on the first with a reputable mechanic. I will get as much as I can afford to get fixed on the tow vehicle. There is a donate button on top of this blog. Please feel free to put as little or as much as you can to help me fix my tow vehicle and keep my dream alive of traveling and writing.

In July, I hope to be able to resume taking breathtaking photos of nature to add to my blogs.

See you around on the next blog. May your dreams stay alive.

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