Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Helping Steve Replace His RV

With all the people who ask for help online, it's hard to know who to help or to avoid becoming cynical.

I've put up my first ever GoFundMe... To help Steve Heath replaced his small motorhome. Steve travels full time in his small RV.

Both Steve and I live with Multiple Sclerosis. We wake up each day wondering if we can walk, talk, or see. I see people get all concerned when my balance is off and they think I'll fall. I relax and catch my balance. My forehead just healed up from a perfect 5 point landing, the wrist and knee will take longer.

But, when you put us in a RV, we can live much better.

RV always has something to grab onto for those of us balance challenged.

When we're wiped out from grocery shopping, we can put stuff away and just take a nap.

Being able to travel makes us not feel useless or to be pitied.

It takes courage every morning to wake up and face the day when at anytime you could end up helpless and paralyzed without being able to do anything at all.

Steve's speech is hard to understand, but he has a wicked funny NY biting sense of humor.

Steve never drinks nor does he use any drugs or pain medication.

You'd never notice him in a crowd, and you'd miss out. Although he preferred cats, he bonded with my little chorkie Bear. 

Now Steve's RV is basically falling apart around him. The guy who has quietly helped so many, now he needs help.

Please look at and if you can donate a little bit.

Thanks for reading.
For those who use the donation link at top of this blog, please make note on it For Steve's RV.

If you're on mobile, you won't see the donation link
Use and note it's for Steve's RV in message. Thanks